With autumn coming in, from September on the paintings will be changed too. Our visitors will be provided with new artworks.Downstairs you can see the... read more...
The rings,  the "sound-jiggers", sculptures and book-sculptures of Márton Barabás will be available to visit and see and to... read more...
We are trying to break the winter blues with a real speciality in February. The exhibition of Gyula Hincz had a pre-opening in the morning, when with the... read more...
Welcome to our website!
Our art gallery, which recently opened in the heart of Central Budapest and is
located near museums, exhibition halls and theatres, welcomes all visitors. We, as collectors of modern Hungarian art, intend to draw the attention of the public to a venue that is an exhibition hall and meeting point in one. At our gallery we have an opportunity to present works of art by the artists that are so prized and dear to us, in both individual and collective exhibition formats.
Our last online auction
Auction start: 2014.02.25. 13:00:00
Auction end: 2014.02.26. 03:00:00

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